Passion for the Art

Leon Zernitsky graduated from Moscow Fine Art and Design University, one of the country’s premier art colleges, where he earned his MFA. Zernitsky enjoyed a successful career as illustrator and fine artist creating art for international magazines, book publishers and major corporations around the globe. His work has been exhibited at art galleries and fairs around the world. He participated in a variety of art competitions, winning numerous prizes and international show awards from Communication Arts Magazine, Applied Arts Magazine, Print magazine, CAPIC national art show, XTO International show, etc.
His work was published in major North American magazines and newspapers. 
His art is used for numerous packaging and wine labels, posters, murals, books, brochures, annual reports and outdoor advertising. He has been working with Fortune 500 companies. He has been commissioned to do art for many big clients like IBM, Sony, 3M, Hilton Hotels, McDonalds, Coors, VISA, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Oxford University, University of Toronto, McGraw-Hill and many others around the globe. 
Although he is well-versed in classical methods of painting he likes to paint in tune with the spirit of great Russian avant-garde artists. The influences of Chagall, Kandinsky, and Malevich that inspired his art is complemented by the diverse imagery, harmonious compositions, and intense colours. Leon enjoys experimental art, and is continually expanding and developing his style and creative vision.
The vast majority of Leon Zernitsky poetic, visionary works hang in museums and private collections throughout Europe, USA , Canada and the ex-Soviet Union. He feels that sharing his art is an important part of being an artist and He is looking forward to many more years of creating beautiful illustrations and paintings.

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